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California GO Math!

GO Math! © 2015

Program Overview

California GO Math!™ is a K–8 programs written specifically to support the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics with an emphasis on developing 21st-century skills. The Standards for Mathematical Practice are integrated into the content, along with an equal emphasis on conceptual fluency. The program provides rigor, depth of understanding through interactive lessons, research-based instructional approaches, best practices, English learner support, and differentiated instructional resources to ensure success for all students. The comprehensive digital resources promote college and career readiness and support students, teachers, administrators, and parents.

Go Math


               We use hands-on Foss Science Kits to explore and learn about the following areas:

Matter weather/> Plants
Solids and Liquids Air and Weather Plants and Animals
Module Overview Module Overview Module Overview 
Language Arts

Welcome to California Wonders!

This program was written for California students and educators, built on the California Common Core State Standards and based on the intent, goals, context, and themes of ELA/literacy and ELD instruction.


Social Studies

   Our Scott Foresman Social Studies program provides activities that will allow our students to learn more about themselves, as well as the people around them.

Our units of study are titled:

- Citizenship

- People and Places

- Our Country

-Changes Over Time

- Celebrate Cultures

- Goods and Services


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