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Welcome to Mrs. Olcomendy's Bumblebee Class 

Welcome First Grade Families!

I am delighted to be your child's teacher this year. First grade will be a special time for your child with many new academic and social experiences. I invite you to participate as much as possible since children learn most effectively when parents and teachers work hand in hand. There are many ways you can help your child have a positive year:

First Grade Website: Please familiarize yourself with our website. You will find important information on many topics including:

Meeting Spot: It is important to designate an after school meeting place. It can be very overwhelming for first graders if they can't locate mom/dad/caregiver at the end of the day. Your meeting spot should be established and practiced before the 2nd day of school. In addition, make sure your child knows what to do if ever you’re not there. I recommend that you teach your child to wait with the other students by the fire exit if he/she is unable to find you at your meeting spot. There will be a teacher supervising that area to ensure your child’s safety until you arrive. Reinforce that your child should never walk home alone!

Parent Contact Information: Please complete this form and return it promptly. You will not be able to reach me by phone during the school day, so email is our best means of communication. I check for email messages in the afternoon (on busy days, this may not be until 5:00) and in the morning before school if time permits.

There are several items that may be unique to our class:

  1. Star of the Week: Each week one student will be featured as our Star. On Friday, this student will take home a poster to personalize at home over the weekend. When your child is selected, a letter will be sent home detailing the week and how you can help make it special for your child.

  2. Art: Our classroom art instruction is designed to increase student awareness of different kinds of art. It gives students a wide range of experiences and helps them to appreciate the art around them. Most importantly, it lets them know that there is no wrong way to do art. We will focus on some basic elements of art: line, shape, color, value,texture, form, and space. We will also do a study of a few famous artists of long ago.

  3. P.E. : Students will engage in scheduled physical activity for 100 minutes  a week with our P.E. instructor. Therefore, please make sure your child wears appropriate shoes to school each day.


Please plan to attend Back to School Night. This night is an opportunity for parents to learn more about our first grade program. This is a parent only night, so please leave the little ones at home. I am looking forward to an enjoyable and productive year. Together we can make first grade a wonderful experience for your child.



Patty Olcomendy




My Family: my husband George, my daughters Anna and Carly

Star of the week



Abdul is the Star of the Week.  He is 6 years old.  His favorite food is pizza.   His favorite color is red.  His favorite animal is a dog.  He enjoys riding his bike.  If he had one wish it would be for a fish named Nemo. His favorite place to visit is Walmart.  When he grows up he plans pursue a career as a fire fighter!