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First Grade


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Hello First Grade Families!

We welcome you to our First Grade website! We hope you find it informative and easy to use. 

We recommend your student frequents the Learning Links tab to play educational games. This is an easy and fun way to practice concepts that have been taught at school!

Please let us know if you have any questions. Thank you for stopping by!

-Miss.Schott, Mrs.Lomazzi, Mrs.Mortham,

Mrs. Olcomendy,Mrs. Willeford, Mrs. Honeycutt


School phone number (916)770-8816
Our First Grade Team






Mrs. Honeycutt

Parent Volunteers


  • PTA Volunteer- As needed to coordinate with the PTA for their sponsored events
  • Copy Parent- Once a week
  • Language Arts Center Leaders-( Materials provided) Tuesdays through Fridays 10:00-11:00
  • Art Docent or Music Docent - Once a month/no experience needed/training provided
  • Homework Parent- Assembles homework packets weekly on Wednesdays or Thursdays

"Behind every child is someone who cares." -Rachel Pittman

"Parental involvement" can be a valuable tool... to determine the success of a child in school!

When parents participate, they're showing concern... the message to the kids, is that it's important to learn! Parental support can be shown many different ways... volunteering, serving on committees, or joining the P.T.A.! Attending "Open House" and events like "Back to School"... are fulfilling your role and should become the rule! The parent stays connected, and demonstrates respect... encouraging words and guidance is what the child expects! Parents and teachers together, form a most powerful team... When we work together, it helps the child's self-esteem!

So the level of "parental involvement" becomes an accurate sign... a more important factor in education would be most difficult to find!


Grade Level Wish List

fall-clip-art-APPLE4.jpg Ear buds/headphones for computers

fall-clip-art-APPLE4.jpg 8 Count Crayola watercolor paint set

fall-clip-art-APPLE4.jpg 16 Count Crayola brand crayons

fall-clip-art-APPLE4.jpg 1 ream of white copy paper

fall-clip-art-APPLE4.jpg 1 ream pastel colored copy paper

fall-clip-art-APPLE4.jpg One package large pink pearl erasers

fall-clip-art-APPLE4.jpg Large package of Ticonderoga pencils

       (only brand used in pencil sharpeners!)

 fall-clip-art-APPLE4.jpg 2 black Expo brand whiteboard pens

 fall-clip-art-APPLE4.jpg 12 Elmer's glue sticks

 fall-clip-art-APPLE4.jpg Antibacterial wipes

 fall-clip-art-APPLE4.jpgOne bottle of hand sanitizer

All donations are appreciated!