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Important Dates

Tuesday, August 8th: Kindergarten Orientation 4:00-5:00.  Students and parents should attend. 

Wednesday, August 9th: First Day of School 8:30-1:26

Monday, August 14: PLC Day (All students dismissed at 1:45)

Monday, August 21: PLC Day (All students dismissed at 1:45)

Monday, August 28: PLC Day (All students dismissed at 1:45) 

Monday, September 4: No School/Labor Day

Friday, September 22: No School/Staff Development Day



First Trimester Kindergarten Curriculum

Language Arts:


Sight Words: 






Social and Learning Skills:

Rules of the classroom

Antelope Meadow's Expectations

Sitting on carpet and following directions

Class work completion and directions

Staying on task and sharing





Please preview websites listed before viewing! With all internet resources, please view to make sure the listed website is still currently child-friendly.

Alpha Friends song


Sigh Words Rap- Youtube


Yellow song


RED song


Blue Song


Purple song


Orange song


Pete the Cat- I Love My White Shoes


Orange song


Purple Song


Go song










Lisa Kersey


Mrs. Kersey

Room 42

A Note From The Teacher

Learning Highlights

We have had a wonderful start to our kindergarten year! This is such an important year in your child's school career. I look forward to working with your child and helping them grow. I can already tell that this class is very motivated to learn and that they really try their very best! We have been working on several kindergarten skills, including name writing, letter recognition, letter sound, letter writing, number identification, counting, writing numbers 0-5, colors and our 5 rules for listening.

Name Writing: Kindergarteners must write their names beginning with a capital letter, followed by lower case letters. They should also begin each letter at the top, and move down with their pencil. Please watch your child at home when working on homework.


Letter recognition: We introduced all the letters of the alphabet at the beginning of the year, focusing on one letter a day. We are currently focusing on one letter a week. We have introduced the letters Ss & Mm, and now we will be on Rr. We practice identifying the letter, the letter sound, and writing the letter.


Counting: Students are practicing their counting skills every day during our calendar time. Please continue to practice counting at home.  Our goal for the end of the year is for all students to count to 100.


Number Recognition: Students are using manipulatives to practice counting objects from 0-5. When writing our numbers, we want every child to start at the top, just like with our letters.


Colors: We have learned about the colors of our rainbow. We are also making books that your child can practice reading to you at home. Please keep these books in a safe place.


5 Rules For Listening: We learn to respect one another in our class by following the 5 simple rules.

1. Hands Still

2. Feet Quiet

3. Lips Closed

4. Eyes watching

5. Ears listening


Reading at home: Please continue to read to your child for at least 15 minutes a night. I encourage your child to read to you all the books that we make in class. When you see a child made book come home, please keep it in a safe place to ready nightly. I encourage that you get a box or tub and put all your child's books in it.


Welcome to Kindergarten

I am so excited for this amazing kindergarten  year! We had a terrific first day of school and I know that I have a wonderful class!

Thank you for having your child at school on time! School starts at 8:30. Supervision will be provided on the kindergarten playground starting at 8:15. Parents and siblings, please stay on the outside of the kindergarten playground. At this time, we will do a "fit walk" around the playground. At 8:26 the bell will ring and we will line up on the outside playground.  If you arrive after the fit walk, please have your child enter the classroom independently. They will come in the classroom, one at a time, and put their back packs on their hook, place their lunchboxes in the wagon, move their name tag to the hot/cold lunch label, and  sit quietly on the carpet. Unfortunately, I will not be able conference with parents before school. I have to be ready to give the kindergarteners all my attention when they walk through the door. If you have an immediate concern, please write me a note, leave a voice message, or send an e-mail (except I am not able to check my e-mails in the morning) . School is also dismissed at 1:26 (except Monday's). They will be lined up in the kindergarten playground. I will wave to each parent/daycare provider before I release each child.  If your child is not picked up by 1:30 I will walk them to the office.

Please feel free to call me (770-8816) or email me at if you have any questions or concerns!

I am looking forward to this amazing year!



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