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Please communicate with me at  

Our school phone number is 916-770-8816
Our classroom is room K-2

Our class hours are 8:30-1:26 TWTHF, 8:30-1:45 Mondays



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Mrs. March

Kindergarten 2018-2019


Welcome to Mrs. March's "SEUSS" CLASS 

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To Practice


Writing your name-( upper case first letter and the rest lower case) and drawing a picture of yourself (self-portrait)


Be read to every day and have your family ask you a lot of questions about the story


Writing numbers 0-20


Shapes and Colors


Alphabet-say the name and sound of the letter


Cutting and using a glue stick


Comfortable writing with a pencil/copying letters, words, sentences


Being able to take care of your own needs such as zipping, buttoning, washing hands, getting in and out of your backpack, following directions etc...




Updates & Reminders

Dear Families,

     We have had a lot of learning and fun in room K2 since the first day of school. I am very proud of how hard the students are working. It is not easy to listen and follow directions at the same time trying to do the work that is being modeled. They may know the "skill" but putting it all together is challenging. They may be listening to my voice while keeping their eyes on the big monitor. Then they will find the correct page in their practice book (reading or math usually) and then do the work step by step along with  me. That is tough for 5/6 year olds! I feel like we are getting it down now and I have reminded them that I am here to help them! The work will get harder but I'm pretty confident with a lot of support at school and home we will have a lot of success this year. It is very exciting! Next week we will begin small group centers and this will be beneficial to the students. We have been following our Language Arts program which includes a lot of practice with letters, sounds and sight words. Stories with comprehension questions to help them listen and understand the story. I have modeled writing a lot and they are working in their journals. I hope they can read their first little reader I CAN that is coming home and also the sentences that begin with I CAN....we practiced those over and over in class and they felt pretty good about this:)

Next week closes out our letter of the day and we will wrap up our first unit in L/A and Math. Look for those books to come home next Friday. Please review them with your child and let them show you their hard work!


Next Friday 8/31 the Nurse will test all students on Vision and Hearing.







help wanted sign swing hg clr.gif

  • Volunteers  In class: 9:30-10:45 a.m. preferred M-TH Pick a day if you can! Volunteers must schedule with teacher ahead of time and sign in at the office with their i.d. every time. 
  • at  home "prep" help 
  • copiers on school machines
  • music docent (so fun!)
  • PE parent (I'll be there too-we can split the class up for smaller groups/games!)
  • special talent/occupation?
  • holiday parties-TBA
  • field trip/special days-TBA
  • supplies-our list is on the school website and will also be mailed to you--thank you for your generosity!