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School Health and Wellness Policy

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Dry Creek Joint Elementary School District

School Wellness Recommendations

For Parents

Classroom Parties

ALL school site guidelines for parties should be followed.

All birthday celebrations should be coordinated with the classroom teacher.

Classroom parties should occur after lunch whenever possible.

Classroom parties with cake and other sugary or high-fat foods should be limited to no more than once per month.

Parents are encouraged to provide healthy food options or non-food items for birthday celebrations.

Non-instructional time will be used for birthday treats.

The important part of birthday celebrations is the special recognition of the child.

Healthy Beverage Options

Water (no added sweeteners allowed)

100% fruit juice drinks (no less than 50% is allowed)

100% vegetable juice drink (no less than 50% allowed)

Flavored soy milk fortified with calcium

Low-fat or non-fat milk

Non-food birthday celebration items:

Book donation (Book can be read to the class and then donated to the school library with a special notation in the front cover.)

Rainy day game donation to the classroom





Party trinkets

Healthy Food Options

Always check with the classroom teacher first prior to brining food to the classroom.

Always check with the classroom teacher regarding food allergies.

Products containing any type of nut should always be used with extreme caution due to allergies.

Foods should be distributed during non-instructional time.

Pre-packaged single serving items are recommended

o Raw vegetable sticks/slices with low-fat dressing or yogurt dip

o Fresh fruit cups, fruit salad or fruit wedges such as cantaloupe, honey dew, watermelon, pineapple, oranges, etc.

o Frozen fruit pops with fruit juice or fruit as first ingredient

o Dried fruits – raisins, cranberries, apples, etc.

o Single serving of applesauce or canned fruit

o Fruit smoothies made with low-fat/non-fat milk

o Trail mix

o Party mix made of a variety of cereals and pretzels

o Pretzels or reduced fat crackers

o Baked chips with salsa or low-fat dip (Ranch, onion or bean)

o String cheese

o Pasta salad

o Low-fat muffins (small or mini)

o Granola bars

o Graham crackers

o Fig bars

o Low-fat yogurt or pudding cups

o Cottage cheese

o Mini bagels

o Rice cakes

o Angel food cake with fresh fruit

o Popcorn